1. Love finding me some hot neon. All signs in either MPLS or St. Paul. 


  2. Couple more pics after cleaning them. 


  3. Cleaning up a few of the slab serif type faces I got from my dad. I thought this R was particularly cool. 


  4. Kick ass neon signs found around MPLS and St. Cloud, MN. 

    (Source: jealousofjordan, via jealousofjordan)


  5. Old medical packaging gems from my girlfriends moms collection. 


  6. More numbers around Minneapolis


  7. Some awesome numbers I’ve found around town. 


  8. My Dad gave me a bunch of old wood type this weekend! His company was donated these at one point and I am going to go through and organize them a bit and clean them up. 

    I’m not totally sure where this is going to go, but I’m going to try my best and document the process. Look back here for more work. 


  9. Vintage Car Badges & Type Pt. 3 - Monograms, stripes and flags. 


  10. Vintage Car Badges & Type Pt. 2 - Chrome and ligatures. 


  11. Vintage Car Badges & Type Pt. 1 - Inspiring scripts and unique letters.


  12. A few weeks ago I attended the Student Advertising Summit and got to hear lots great speakers and also had the chance to get my portfolio reviewed by current professionals in the area. I displayed my portfolio on an iPad and it was taken extremely well. I had my portfolio reviewed by the Senior Creative Director and Senior Designer for Digitaria.  They had some great feedback and even made a write up for other designers to take note of here


  13. I am currently working on the identity for a web development company called Kinix Creatives. This is the first round of concepts. I would love any feedback. 


  14. I had the pleasure of interning for Westwerk Design last summer. One of the projects I worked on was this wayfinding system for their building. It was super exciting to see these come to life. 


  15. Proud of my team @cloudyclothing. We are a unique lifestyle brand that sells quality, limited edition apparel and accessories while focusing on positivity, teamwork and progression at all times. Check us out on our social sites here: